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Solana races toward $1,300 in lightening speed



Solana races toward $1,300 in lightening speed

Solana’s race to the top continues with the Ignition hackathon and Web3 infrastructure under development on the SOL blockchain.

Close competitor, Algorand, has a lower price potential when compared to Solana in the long term.

Solana has become popular as an “Ethereum-killer,” a decentralized blockchain that scales through “parallelization.” SOL’s ongoing price rally has garnered the attention of experts and analysts alike, according to FxStreet.

Kyle Samani, co-founder and managing partner at Multicoin Capital, recently compared Solana to “Netflix.”

Samani was quoted as saying: “I think that probably the most famous story like this [Solana] is Netflix. Reed Hastings wanted to do streaming at the time of starting but knew that the bandwidth wasn’t there, and they were able to look at that in like 2002 or whatever. I think they could look at this as kind of a similar type of problem space.

Samani explains how Solana offers the predictability and scalability that projects in the cryptocurrency ecosystem need. The Solana ecosystem continues growing; the addition of the Ethereum-Solana bridge has $200 million in total value locked.

Solana’s two key decentralized applications, “Serum” and “Star Atlas,” have high growth potential in the future.

When compared with Algorand, a smart contract platform, Solana has the highest growth potential. Solana’s interoperability gives it an edge over competitors in the ecosystem.

Guy, a cryptocurrency analyst at Coin Bureau, was quoted in a recent YouTube video,

Solana is very open to interoperability, and because interoperability is the future of cryptocurrency, this is actually a really big deal.

Ryan Wilday, a cryptocurrency analyst at Elliot Wave Trader, analyzed Solana’s price trend and shared his target for the altcoin.

Wilday says, “Solana’s a hot coin right now. And, I mean, I interacted with it as well. It’s a dream. I mean, it’s ultra-fast. It’s cheap. I mean, the fees are like less than 4 cents…and then I have this alternate view that eventually gets $1,300.

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