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InDrive Announces Platform Safety Upgrade




InDrive, the leading ride-hailing app has added a Safety Tips feature to its application, to remind passengers and drivers of available safety features and provide tips to stay safe when ride-hailing.

According to the management of inDrive, users of the app can now tap the Shield button in the inDrive app to show them how they are protected, with a full screen detailing each tip during any trip.

The new feature is rolling out worldwide, with safety tips tailored to specific issues related to each country. The safety tips will change as needed to keep pace with product updates, and cover safety features both inside and outside the app, including Inside the app.

When booking a ride which provides the option to select a driver/passenger based on existing ratings and reviews; and the provision of a final destination, so that drivers can make informed decisions and decline orders that seem unsafe as well as Outside the app driver verification and onboarding which can share a ride with a trusted contact in real-time; liveness checks to confirm rider identity; device bans for violators; and the indication of potentially dangerous areas.

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, inDrive is also currently testing new safety features. These include the use of Machine Learning to identify fraudulent documents provided by drivers during the drivers vetting process as well as automation of car photocontrol. This innovation will speed up the current verification processes, which include driver and car photo control, and verification of documents.

inDrive also uses machine learning to moderate avatars. This feature deletes people’s avatars if they are not aligned with the terms of use – i.e. if they depict inappropriate, sensitive or commercial content.

In addition, inDrive has updated its safety lessons for its drivers, with new lessons available. The lessons are an educational initiative to equip partner drivers with tips to handle potential aggression and threats that might arise before, during, or after a ride.

The course provides safety instructions in the form of relatable stories. inDrive monitors safety metrics within regions, and uses these to update the platform and course content based on relevant data. As such, the lessons include scenarios based on analyses of past accidents in Latin America, with strategies for dealing with them effectively.  Partner drivers can easily access the course from the left-hand menu, within the inDrive app.

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