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Crises in Kenya: APRA Calls for Reconciliation, Sympathises with Victims



Crises in Kenya: APRA Calls for Reconciliation, Sympathises with Victims

The African Public Relations Association (APRA), the umbrella body for public relations practitioners on the continent, has encouraged the government of Republic of Kenya to reconcile with the people of the country amidst the ongoing mass protest in the country.

In a press statement signed in Nigeria by Omoniyi Ibietan, the Secretary-General of APRA, the association also sympathised with the victims, the bereaved and those who were injured in the protest triggered by introduction of a new tax reform by the Kenyan Government.

APRA also emphasised that it stands “in solidarity with our colleagues in the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK).

The statement read: “The Executive Council and Members of APRA condole with all Kenyans in general over the recent crisis that happened in the Republic of Kenya.

“We urge the Government of Kenya to put the people of Kenya first and in a show of conversational capacity as already indicated by the Presidency, undertake stakeholder consultations with empathy and an openness to reconciliation.

“We commiserate with the families of those who died and wish a speedy recovery to those injured during the protests. We fervently pray for the repose of the souls of the deceased.”

The backstory

The police allegedly fired live ammunition at anti-government protesters in Kenya’s capital on Tuesday, as thousands of people continued protests against proposed tax hikes in the East African nation.

According to Amnesty International, at least five people were shot dead during Tuesday’s clashes between police and protesters in Nairobi. While reports claimed that 31 people were injured, Amnesty International also added that at least 52 protesters have also been arrested.

Hundreds of protesters entered Kenya’s parliament, setting part of the building ablaze.

To resolve the crises, APRA has called for peaceful reconciliation with the people.

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