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NCC is a Future-ready Organization – Reuben Muoka



Nigeria Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers
L-r: Hakeem Fahm, Commissioner for Science and Technology, Lagos State; Dr. Augustine Nwaulune, Director of Digital Economy, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC); Olusegun Oruame, Founder/CEO, Knowhow Media & Market Intelligence International (publishers of ITEdgeNews), and Reuben Muoka, Director Public Affairs at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), at the unveiling of Nigeria Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers, in Lagos (PHOTO: February 14, 2023 )

A future-ready organizations are built to adapt to any situation and thrive; they are built on standardization, digital innovation, agility, resilience, and partnerships to develop solutions that anticipate market and consumer needs.

This is the how Mr. Reuben Muoka described the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) where he is the Director Public Affairs (DPA).

Speaking during an exclusive chat in Lagos at the unveiling of Nigeria Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers on Tuesday, Mr. Muoka said that NCC’s regulatory excellences are influenced by the quest to maintain global standards.

He further said that Prof. Umar Danbatta as the Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, has demonstrated high level of leadership competencies which have sparked the digital economy growth and ultimately the improved sectoral contributions to the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP).

“Anything we are doing at NCC, we approach it from the global standards. What thing that has distinguished NCC; it is an institution built on a tradition of professionalism. Once you are a staff of NCC, you will imbibe that culture.

NCC has been the beautiful bride of the public sector. Professor Umar Danbattam, the Executive Vice the NCC has been recognized as the special ambassador by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), and of course the Vanguard Newspaper 2022 Personality of the Year.

Reflecting on what these imply for the Commission and the EVC in particular, Mr. Mouka said, “Our EVC has a five-point agenda. One of the key points there is to facilitate collaborations and partnerships. If you look at that, you will discover that we are very collaborative with the industry; it is an industry that you need to predict the future to booster investors’ confidence. The investors need to be assured that you align with all the areas that are adding value in the eco-system.

“If you see from that light of partnership then, you will appreciate the various organisations whose activities or roles, in one way or the others, is influenced or impacted by ICT and telecommunications services, overall. From performance point of view, it is observable that Professor Danbatta has done great in discharging his responsibilities in leading the organization into the future. NCC is a forward looking organization.

“Today, it has a department of Digital Economy; that tells you about our focus. We also have an office focused on the promotion of indigenous technology and skills development which is critical to the entire gamut of digital economy. It is the way he has structured to run the Digital Economy to meet the demands of the stakeholders in many ways; you cannot, but appreciate Prof. Danbatta’s leadership in aggregating all the factors that will lead to the success of the Nigerian Digital Economy”, Mr. Reuben Muoka said.

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