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Travels Launches First Set Of Electric Motorcycles In Nigeria


on Launches First Set Of Electric Motorcycles In Nigeria, a motorcycle-hailing and delivery service provider, has introduced its MAX Series M1 fleet of electric motorcycles in Nigeria.

The motorcycles were launched recently in Ogun State to ease transportation and boost economic activities in the state.

Adetayo Bamiduro, chief executive officer,, said the introduction of the electric motorcycles was in line with the firm’s commitment to make mobility safe, affordable and sustainable.

He said’s electric motorcycles had been in the works for over two years, culminating in a successful pilot after which improved models of the motorcycles were deployed.

According to him, is in partnership with Rubitec Nigeria Limited, a renewable energy company, to provide charging stations for the motorcycles.

He explained that the electric motorcycles use a battery-swap model that allows riders replace their depleted batteries with fully charged ones with the process taking less than five minutes, thus eliminating the wait-time for fueling traditional combustion engine motorcycles.

He noted that although in partnership with Asian and European partners, including Yamaha and Breakthrough Africa, the MAX M1 is an indigenous electric motorcycle, the first in the country.

Meanwhile, Bolade Soremekun, the chief executive officer, Rubitec Nigeria Limited, said has consistently shown that it is a company that takes its social responsibility seriously, in line with Rubitec’s desire to improve the standards of living of people in its communities and beyond.

“I am thrilled that this is happening here in Nigeria, especially considering the epileptic nature of power supply. It just shows that with innovation, we can overcome almost any challenge,” Soremekun said.

Chinedu Azodoh, co-founder and chief growth officer,, remarked that the key advantages of electric motorcycles are beyond cost implications.

“They are more durable and cost-effective when compared to combustion-engine motorcycles and are therefore easier to maintain. Electric motorcycles are also eco-friendly and’s motorcycles have the added prestige of being manufactured in Nigeria for Nigerians,” Azodoh said.

He said is working with different partners to roll out electric vehicles into the Nigerian market and with the successful launch and deployment of the MAX Series M1, the company intends to mass-produce the vehicles with a target of reaching thousands over the next one year period.


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