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MainOne, AWALE collaborate to support CIV’s fight against pandemic 



MainOne, AWALE collaborate to support CIV’s fight against pandemic 

MainOne has partnered with AWALE to support the Crisis Cell of the Ivoirian government in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

While AWALE is a neutral network operator that provides high speed data transmission capacity via its fiber optic cables installed on the national transport and electricity, MainOne prides itself as West Africa’s leading connectivity and data center provider.

This measure of solidarity will reinforce the emergency deployment plan of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Postal Services of the country, MainOne said in a statement on Wednesday.

The joint initiative includes the provision of free connectivity capacity and Internet services to strategic state institutions for a period of three months.

MainOne and AWALE described this as part of their continuous efforts to support governments’ response plan to COVID-19.

Accordingly, the duo is jointly contributing their broadband connectivity infrastructure and ICT services for the delivery of critical online and real-time public services during this challenging period.

“With civil lockdown, social distancing and remote work patterns becoming the new-normal in Côte d’Ivoire and globally, MainOne and AWALE are determined to ensure the Ivorian Crisis Committee continues to dispense its socio-economic and public security responsibilities through virtual platforms.

“The enhanced connectivity offering provides the Government’s Crisis Committee with robust access to real-time information management, whilst seamlessly connecting essential workers across the nation,” the partners have explained.

They further stated that the initiative is also helping to drive dynamic exchange of scientific findings and access to global knowledge related to control and management of the disease by researchers in Côte d’Ivoire.

This, they said, is giving the researchers the leverage to collaborate with colleagues around the world and participate in the global fight against the pandemic.

While speaking on the impetus for the joint COVID-19 intervention, Kazeem Oladepo, MainOne’s Regional Executive Director, West Africa, explained that “as an organization committed to enabling the digital economy of West Africa, MainOne is well aware of the impact of the pandemic on public services, infrastructure and businesses, as well as the economic challenges faced by governments.

“As a premier provider and responsible Ivorian business, we will continue to support the efforts of governments at every level by providing world-class internet infrastructure and value-added services that reduce cost, drive operational continuity and seamless communication for good governance in Côte d’Ivoire.

“We are proud to partner with AWALE, a subsidiary of the Pan-African Group ERANOVE, who shares our commitment to supporting government efforts to manage the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across the sub region.”

Expressing similar sentiments, Daniel Sampah, Founder and Managing Director of AWALE, expressed AWALE’s gratitude for the efforts of the Ivorian sate in deploying an effective response plan to COVID-19 disease.

“We are honored to support the CIV’s actions by making available to Operators and Internet Service Providers, our carrier-neutral network entirely based on fiber optics.

“Our partnership with MainOne will enable the provision of quality connectivity infrastructure to the Governments’ Crisis Committee and thus minimizes the impact of the COVID-19 on activities in the country,” he said.

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