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Oronsaye Report: 100,000 Civil Servants to Lose Jobs – Falana



Oronsaye Report

No fewer than 100,000 government workers in Nigeria are at the risk of losing their jobs as the Nigerian government finally sets its mind to implementing recommendations of 12-year old Steven Oronsaye Report.

The government on Monday disclosed intention to implement the report which recommends scrapping and merging of some government agencies.

While participating in Lagos at the nationwide protest by the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) that commenced on Tuesday, human right lawyer and senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) activist, Mr. Femi Falana, pointed out the negative impacts of implementing the Oronseye Report to include massive job loss.

The President’s office has identified 30 federal government agencies and groups that might be eliminated, merged, or combined to save money.

Falana, along with workers from the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), is speaking out against this plan.

He believes that if it goes ahead, around 100,000 civil servants could lose their jobs. He argues that getting rid of these jobs won’t solve the problems facing Nigerians.

He pointed out that the Oronsaye Report, which the government wants to implement, is quite old—it’s been sitting around for 12 years.

He mentions that the report was created during the Jonathan administration but was never acted upon until now.

He questions the logic of using a report that’s over a decade old to make decisions about Nigeria’s current situation.

He also highlights the vast number of government ministries and agencies in Nigeria—1,360 in total.

He wonders where the government will even begin if it wants to follow the recommendations of the Oronsaye Report.

Falana praised the NLC for speaking up against the rising cost of living. He sees their actions as an important moment in Nigeria’s history.

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