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IMBIL Boss Akeem Ogunkoya Shines at 2024 Digital Economy Awards



IMBIL Boss Akeem Ogunkoya Shines at 2024 Digital Economy Awards

The Managing Director of IMBIl Nigeria, is among the 50 individuals recognised as critical stakeholders in the Nigeria’s digital economy space at the just concluded 2024 edition of 50 Most Valuable Personalities of Nigeria’s Digital Economy.

The event, which held in Lagos, was organised by ITEdge Africa as a rallying point to assemble and recognised digital economy players who are making laudable contributions to the development of the sector.

Mr. Ogunkoya shares the stage with other top drivers of digital economy in the country such as the National Commissioner of the Nigerian Data Protection Commission (NDPC), Dr. Vincent Olatunji; President of Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria (ATCON, Tony Emoekpere; Regional Executive of Africa Data Centre, Dr. Krishnan Ranganath; CEO of Open Access Data Centre (OADC), Dr. Ayotunde Coker, among others.

Receiving the award, he said: “I dedicate this award to IMBIL staff and management teams, who have ensured that our company remains at the forefront developing Nigeria’s digital economy space. I appreciate the organisers for this initiative and promised that we shall remain steadfast and never relent in contributing our quotas to the development of the sector.”

Mr. Ogunkoya is a seasoned executive with a diverse background in technology, business, and entrepreneurship. Holding a Master of Science degree in Computer Networks, he possesses a strong foundation in the field of telecommunications and information technology.

As a qualified Project Management Professional (PMP), Akeem brings expertise in overseeing complex projects and ensuring their successful completion within scope, budget, and schedule. His adherence to industry best practices and dedication to excellence has earned him recognition as a proficient leader in project management.

Akeem is also a Chartered IT Professional accredited by the British Computer Society, underscoring his commitment to upholding professional standards and ethics in the IT industry. His membership in this prestigious organization signifies his ongoing dedication to continuous learning and professional development.

Beyond his professional certifications, Akeem is a dynamic entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to various industries. He is the visionary founder of a successful telecom business operating in both the United Kingdom and Nigeria, leveraging his technical expertise and business acumen to establish a robust presence in competitive markets.

Furthermore, Akeem is the owner of an oil and gas business, demonstrating his ability to diversify his investments and capitalize on lucrative opportunities in energy markets. His strategic approach to business development and risk management has enabled him to navigate challenges and achieve sustainable growth in this sector.

In addition to his ventures in telecommunications and energy, Akeem has expanded his entrepreneurial portfolio to include the hotel industry. Through his ownership of hotel properties, he has demonstrated his capacity to identify emerging trends and capitalize on the growing demand for hospitality services.

Akeem’ Adewale Ogunkoya’s multifaceted career exemplifies his versatility, innovation, and strategic vision as a leader in both technology and business. With a track record of success across diverse sectors, he continues to drive innovation, create value, and make a lasting impact on the industries in which he operates.

IMBIL Telecom Solutions was incorporated on June 19, 2018 essentially as an information technology and telecommunication-based company to proffer reliable and top-notch IT services to various organizations across the globe.

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