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Easy Steps to Change Your Date of Birth on Your NIN



Easy Steps to Change Your Date of Birth on Your NIN

Easy Method to Change Your NIN Date of Birth

A major problem often encountered by Nigerians is how to update their date of birth on the database of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). It has proven to be the most difficult aspect of changing personal information on your National Identity Number (NIN).

In this short but vital article, we list below the easy way you can follow to change your date of birth on the NIN.

Note that the process is seamless and straightforward by opening the website:

  1. Begin by verifying your NIN and logging in.
  2. Navigate to your dashboard and select the date of birth modification option.
  3. Complete the payment for the modification securely via Paystack.
  4. After payment, input your National Population Commission (NPC) certificate number and validate it. Your date of birth will be automatically filled and non-editable. If you’ve misplaced your birth certificate, perform the birth attestation online at
  5. Upload your NPC certificate along with any required supporting documents.
  6. Submit your modification request and preview the adjustments.
  7. Ensure to check the attestation box before submitting your request.
  8. Receive your modification transaction slip promptly on the modification table.
  9. Upon approval, receive a notification, and your NIN slip will be dispatched to your email. You also have the option to print the slip directly from your dashboard.

Simplify the process with NIMC’s interface

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