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Bincom Dev Center launches ‘eMigr8’, global tech initiative



Bincom Dev Center

Bincom Dev Center, a tech training and development hub, has launched ‘emigr8’, a tech enabled pathway to relocation abroad.

It explained in press statement that the solution was designed in an effort to bridge the talents lacuna in the tech ecosystem, provide hands-on experience in software development and other technology skills to produce globally attractive technology experts.

The Center’s Proservices Lead, Olayinka Isimoya said that the service explores schemes that enable technology resources to relocate based on different visa routes that countries offer to highly skilled tech talents.

Isimoya said that some of the visa opportunities available include the United Kingdom – with the Technation Global Talent Visa, the United States, Canada and France.

She added that they train and groom trainees to be well positioned and advantaged for relocation opportunities.

She cited the United State Bureau of Labour Statistics, saying that more than half of jobs now require some kind of technology skills.

“By 2022 more than 77 per cent of jobs will require some kind of technology skills which means that in three years, three out of four jobs will need some level of technology and software proficiency”, she said

She further mentioned that most tech companies globally however are hunting for the right talents because applicants, many times do not have the required skill set and relevant experience for the roles available.

She revealed that statistics have shown that most African youths that are unemployed are as a result of their lack of employable skills for 21st century demands.

“They lack the right type of skill sets, experience and exposure required to build a meaningful career.

“Data from the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics shows that a whopping 27.1% of Nigerians are unemployed as of the 2nd quarter of 2020, an evidence that shows that many who fall within this bracket are also unemployable”, she explained.

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