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What Next After Registering a Domain Name?



By Muhammed Rudman

Depending on the services being provided and agreement, the registration of a domain name does not automatically provide a website. Your registered domain name is your online identity. It is a name that serves as your website address. Your domain name gives you the opportunity to create custom email addresses. You would however still need to provide the content for the website, as well as to host the website on the Internet.

In the brick and mortar world, when you conceive an idea to start a Corporate Organisation or Business, you would need to register the company or business name with the Government Agency charged with the responsibility of registering corporate organization names. In Nigeria, this is the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). The registration of a Company or Business name does not come with office premises. You would have to contract a real estate agent for a place to rent or buy and set up your office.

In the same way, on the Internet, the registration of your domain name means that you have registered your online identity that can serve as your website address. However, you will still need to subscribe to a web hosting plan on which to host your website.

After the purchase of a Domain Name, you are required to:

Get a Web Hosting Server Plan

This is the online service on the Internet that allows individuals and companies to make their websites accessible. This is the rental of space on a physical server where files and necessary data are stored for the effective working of a website. Just like a brick-and-mortar shop, you pay an ongoing hosting fee, this is paying rent to utilize the service. Remember there are various types of web hosting services as they serve the different needs of their clients. With web hosting, one gets the opportunity to create custom email addresses on the registered domain name. A custom domain email address helps to create a professional image and gives one’s business’ some credibility.

Create/Design your website

A website is your business’s home on the Internet. It is where potential customers visit and learn about your business and what is on offer to them. For the website design and development, one can either engage a professional web developer to design the website or use one of the online site builder applications.

In conclusion, as soon as the registration of your preferred domain name is completed, it is desirable and important to promote your business with a website which is hosted in cyberspace as well as provide custom email addresses for optimal use of the domain name. Remember that good content is key to having a good website that addresses the need of its client.

Rudman is the President, Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA)

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