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UK Allocates £37.3 Million to Support Mobile Technology in Nigeria, Others



The UK government has announced a significant funding boost of £37.3 million for the Mobile for Development Program, aimed at supporting countries like Nigeria in harnessing the power of mobile and digital technologies.

This funding, announced by the UK’s Development Minister, Andrew Mitchell, during the 2024 Mobile World Congress, is set to benefit over 110 million people, with a focus on women and girls, climate change mitigation, and scaling up innovative solutions.

The Mobile for Development Program, funded by the UK in partnership with GSMA and the private sector, has already impacted over 100 million people worldwide.

The new funding aims to expand this impact, particularly targeting 60 million women. Mitchell highlighted the program’s potential to revolutionize lives by addressing climate change, creating jobs, and increasing opportunities for women, aligning with the UN Global Goals.

One of the program’s success stories includes the scaling up of a digital hub in Pakistan, BaKhabar Kissan (BKK), which provides weather forecasting data to farmers.

In Nigeria, the program is utilizing AI technology to offer real-time agricultural advice to farmers and providing pay-as-you-go solar-powered fridges.

The President of the GSMA Mobile for Development Foundation, John Giusti, praised the partnership with the UK government, highlighting their joint impact in improving the lives of over 127 million people.

He emphasized the partnership’s focus on driving socio-economic and climate impact through digital innovation, particularly benefiting underserved populations.

At the Mobile World Congress, GSMA also announced the grantees for its Climate Resilience and Adaptation Fund, funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office.

This fund aims to test and scale up new technology to combat climate change effects in Africa and Asia, including projects using AI-powered satellite imagery to increase farmers’ yields and reduce food waste through an online grocery platform.

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