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Meristem 2021 Outlook: Nigeria urged to brace up for a different future




Meristem 2021 Outlook: Nigeria urged to brace up for a different future


Meristem Securities Limited, a leading capital market conglomerate, recently launched its economic outlook report for the year 2021.

The outlook report titled ‘Bracing for a Different Future’ the report highlights in depth a wide range of issues relevant to an evolving future.

With a global economy that has been scarred by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the domestic economy is not left out, as the Nigeria economy slipped back into a recession, amplifying the structural weakness of the domestic economy in the form of weakening exchange rates, rising inflation, among others.

In Meristem’s H2:2020 Outlook: “Unmasking Value in a Scourge”, the conglomerate had warned that the threat of a second wave of new infections was very much a possibility. As a result, the recovery of economic activities would remain fragile until a vaccine is developed.

Hence, much would depend on strict compliance with social distancing and healthcare measures as economies gradually re-opened.

The Deputy Managing Director of Meristem, Sulaiman Adedokun, stated that while the rising number of daily infections pose a threat to economic activities, we expect a rebound of the domestic economy”.

Launching the outlook “Bracing the future” during a webinar attended by institutional investors, corporate clients, retail investors amongst other industry professionals, Sulaiman also commented on the equities market highlighting that “The equities market recovered from deep selloffs to finish as the best performing equities market last year, citing unattractive yields in the fixed income market, excess liquidity and a resilient corporate performance in the middle of a pandemic as major factors, which drove the market.

“We expect these factors to persist thereby sustaining the positive momentum of the market through the better part of the year; in the first half of the year, we expect the financial market to be dominated by attractive dividend yields and the low yield in the fixed income market.” Sulaiman said

The face of work has changed and many corporate organisations and their employees are rapidly adopting cutting-edge technology to meet future of work in a COVID-19 era.

While fielding questions from journalists about how the organisation has deployed its business continuity plan, Sulaiman stressed, “The pandemic has influenced changes amongst people globally and we have enabled this change in our organisation by utilising the power of technology, we have also adopted a work from home culture that enables team collaboration through technology, we intend to maintain this even beyond the pandemic.”

Meristem offers a wide a range of services that cater to all classes of investors regardless of the stage in their financial journey, services like stockbroking, wealth management and financial advisory help clients to access various opportunities within the capital market.

Via Meritrade, an online stockbroking platform, investors can trade stocks from anywhere around the world as well as better manage their shares and enjoy access to the most exclusive market research.

Meristem for the past 16 years, has been consistent in value creation and innovation within the capital market space. In 2018, the Nigerian Stock Exchange awarded Meristem as the Best Digital Broker of the Year.

In the same year, Meristem also became the first Nigerian asset management firm to become compliant with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) by the CFA Institute.

Still in 2018, Meristem received two nominations from Business Day, for the best Money market and Equity Fund.

The firm has remained a leading player in Nigeria’s competitive investment market with a solid reputation as a highly professional and client-centric firm, helping to take their clients farther

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