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5 Key Impacts of Employees for Business Growth



5 Key Impacts of Employees for Business Growth

By Harlong DigiTech Team

When it comes to one of the most valuable assets of a successful business, the people in the business should take the top spot. Aside from the intangible factors such as marketing, R&D, policies, among others, a resourceful asset that plays a vital role in the growth of a business is the employees, either in their tens, hundreds, or thousands.

Employees play a more important role in the dynamic business environment than just completing tasks assigned. A skilled and motivated workforce has the potential to be a powerful growth accelerator for a company; read that again.

As a matter of fact, the impact that employees have—from stimulating innovation to elevating customer satisfaction—on a company’s success cannot be overstated. Today in this article, I will be highlighting the impacts your employees are having on your business growth.

Let’s dive in…

  1. Promoting Innovations in the Workplace:

A motivated and engaged workforce is a wellspring of innovative ideas. Steve Jobs, the former co-founder and CEO of Apple, says innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat. In order to drive the spirit of innovation, businesses can leverage the collective intelligence of their ‘human asset’ by fostering creativity and giving employees avenues to share their insights.

For instance, employees who deal directly with customers frequently will have important insights into the needs of customers and operational procedures that can help ease business difficulties in meeting customers at the point of need. These insights gained by your employees can later be used within the organization to spark innovation and produce new ideas.

Have it in the back of your mind that when employees are empowered to suggest improvements and experiment with new approaches, it opens the door to novel solutions and competitive advantages.

  1. Boosting Productivity in Organizations:

The contributions of your employees go beyond earning a good salary. Employees with the appropriate resources, motivation, and skills can greatly increase operational productivity for your company’s growth year in year out.

When properly trained and supported, employees can help streamline processes, identify inefficiencies, and propose effective solutions that can easily improve product or service delivery and efficiency. A high-achieving employee can streamline processes, cut expenses, and boost general effectiveness, which raises productivity levels and supports company expansion.

Looking at a company that provides the right resources, motivation, and continuous skill enhancement opportunities, one successful business that fits into this example is the Dangote Group. Dangote empowers its workforce to significantly enhance operational productivity. The company values the importance of well-trained employees who can streamline processes, identify inefficiencies, and propose effective solutions for business growth, hence why it’s one of the biggest conglomerate companies in Africa.

  1. Providing an Exceptional Customer Experience:

Perhaps you’ve come across the saying that happy employees create happy customers. Moreso, employees who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences and who have a customer-focused mindset can foster customers’ growth and loyalty, ensuring that customers are connected to the business at all times. It is also important to remember that happy customers are more likely to patronize the business again and refer others to it.

For instance, Standard Chartered, a top-ranking bank in Nigeria, understands the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience, the reason they invest more in their employees and customer engagement training to ensure they give their best when addressing customers’ challenges. Therefore, as a business owner or entrepreneur, you should understand that motivated and well-trained employees can anticipate the needs of customers, personalize interactions with your clients, and go beyond and above to provide exceptional customer service that directly translates to business growth and expansion.

  1. Building a Positive Work Culture:

Having a supportive and positive work culture can attract and retain top talent, which is crucial to sustaining business growth. The fact is that employee engagement and commitment to their work are higher among those who feel appreciated, connected, and valued by the company. People like to feel included and welcomed.

In an organization that doesn’t have a clearly defined culture, every employee will experience work differently. As a result, when clients engage with various staff members, their experiences will also differ.

Flutterwave, a well-known fintech business in Nigeria, is renowned for its dedication to fostering an inclusive and encouraging work culture. The organization prioritizes values such as transparency, collaboration, and continuous innovation. As a matter of fact, Flutterwave promotes employee engagement by implementing a range of initiatives that center around skill enhancement, mentorship, and creating a sense of belonging.

Therefore, it is important to carry your employees along as a board member before you embark on a journey toward defining a company culture that aligns with happiness and company values. Do not force the change on them; rather, carry them along with every process involved in creating change. A positive workplace culture encourages cooperation, open communication, and teamwork, which helps employees grow and give their best work. This, in turn, cultivates a productive and harmonious work environment that drives business growth.

  1. Serving as the Organization’s Brand Ambassadors:

Your number one brand ambassadors in your business are your employees; they represent the business both internally and externally. Their engagement in the workplace and beyond, their professionalism in delivery and performance, and their dedication to the organization’s values can significantly impact how the brand is perceived by the external people in the business.

Have you ever experienced a brand whose employees project themselves as brand ambassadors, demonstrating their professionalism in delivering high-quality services and their dedication to upholding the company’s reputation? Their dedication ensures that they act as ambassadors, not only protecting the brand’s image but also spreading positive word-of-mouth, attracting top talent, and significantly enhancing the overall brand image. One brand I can reckon with here is Samsung. Their staff, either in electronics or mobile, always sets an attractive brand image that projects them as the industry’s leader.

Naturally, employees who are proud of their work and the company they represent become advocates for the business, ensuring that they are always protecting the image of the brand and the business in public. They often spread positive word-of-mouth, attract talent, and contribute to the overall brand image, positioning the business for growth and success.

The impact of employees on business growth is multifaceted and profound. From driving innovation and productivity to delivering exceptional customer experiences, staff members play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of a company.

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