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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020



By Vasya Tarasiuk Analysts

The world has witnessed a constant change in the digital marketing landscape.  You need to be updated with your latest marketing trends to improve your brand in both reach and repetition. You may be ecstatically oblivious of new marketing trends, but your competitors and target customers are not. That is why we curtailed the list of top five digital marketing trends in 2020. Custom writing services help you develop an essay about these trends.

Facebook on a Peak

For a long time, Facebook has remained as the biggest trend in online marketing. Today, Facebook is not recognized as the kingpin in the world of social media.  A recent study by Forbes found that about 41% of Facebook users are above 65 years. Although it is not struggling, by all means, the truth is that Facebook is losing grounds with the current generation that is turning to a more visual, interactive experiences provided by Snapchat, Instagram, and the upcoming star, Tik Tok.

After the 2018 data breach scandal, Facebook has experienced a significant loss in credibility. Most people become frustrated and resentful with the proliferation of political propaganda, fake news, and cyberbullying on the platform. Current speculations that Facebook will be dead to z-Gen continue to rise, with many people believing that it will not soon dominate the social media industry.  You need ask professionals to do my essay for me to find more about these speculations.

Future digital marketers are advised to observe their target markets with these speculations because Facebook may become inappropriate for some events, particularly when it consistently experiences a downward trend with today’s generation.  Facebook has still maintained it’s operation and huge usage.  Even so, it is advisable for marketers to take precautions with their target audience and ensure the individuals are using the platform.

Chatbots will Dominate Customer Service

Most people identify chatbots as artificial intelligence (AI) software that acts as a virtual framework to communicate with customers and accomplish their objectives. Chatbots logically interact with people mainly by using text chat windows, although it is also possible to use verbal interactions. Over time, the AI learns about the customers as the system gathers additional insights on data, making it possible to improve services.

Throughout the last two years, chatbox took a regular role on Facebook for different tasks.  Activities such as providing reports on weather and automating functions of essential customer support can now be handled easily by sophisticated software.  Bots increase the personalization of the users and allow them to focus on interactions without relying deeply on limited human resources.

This year, nearly 80% of business has suggested using chatbots. It is because chatbots provide 24-hour service, instant response to customer queries, and do not require breaks, vacations, or overtime pay.  A study by Tidio found that approximately 43% of customers prefer an online chatbot to phone customer service centers during brand communication. Therefore, the chatbot has become one of the fastest-growing digital marketing trends in 2020 since more customers and businesses are becoming more engaged.

A Video is no Longer an Option

Video marketing has become a necessity in business and one of the emerging digital media trends. If your organization is not engaging it this year, you should not be left out.  You cannot compare the power of the video with text-based content, particularly when it comes to selling products and services through the internet. In today’s world dominated by mobile devices, people are becoming obsessed with video than ever before. They use Smartphones to watch and share videos about any content, learn more about brands, and the products and services they need to offer. Most consumers have shared a video about a brand. Some of them claim that watching brand videos boosts their confidence and online purchasing decisions, while others believe that video content improves their conversation rates.

Indeed, video marketing is very much appealing, especially when it is live video. A combination of live streaming with influencer marketing is a powerful method of digital marketing. Whether it is traditional sources or a new generation of social media influencers like athletes, celebrities, and musicians, having a live stream while interacting directly with comments is a huge attraction to the audience. Twitch has more than 15 million active users, most of whom are interested in live streaming from influencers such as Ninja.

Email is becoming Polished and Interactive

Emails have still maintained their viability in online marketing trends. As of February 2019, the Return of Investment (ROI) of email marketing was 3,200%.  However, according to other experts, the numbers are either slowing or stagnating. Instead of neglecting this successful channel, digital marketers are evaluating it with new methods. Of late, we have seen a slight decline in newsletters and plain-text emails.  In their place are charming, pixel-perfect emails that seem ripped from a portfolio of a web designer.

Through 2020, email marketing uses emails that resemble and function like web pages like clickable buttons and other interactions.  These highly polished designs not only impress the users, but they also improve conversations.  Readers can quickly click stylized buttons with images that accompany them compared to those in plain-text links.  But these days, users are not satisfied with web page-based email templates. They have to go the extra mile with spectacular UX-centric designs and visuals. Considering ROI stated above, it is worth ensuring your emails are beautiful and engaging.

Online Reviews are becoming the Norm

Online reviews can build or break the ability of your business to attract new clients.  An organization can publish their products and services and allow consumers to provide real unbiased comments about the company. Having multiple reviews from trusted sources can build your business’s reputation and enable the business to gain a competitive advantage. Reviews through Google business are the most relevant reviews for a company to receive trends marketing. The most trusted and visible sources and your Google business listing allow users to call or visit the website.

Facebook has also become another reliable source of online reviews, and you can use it to establish a testimonial page on your website. To increase the number of reviews, you should provide your clients with a simple link to your Google business listing to leave a comment.  Even if all of them are rated 5-star, firms with a few reviews receive fewer conversations than those with many thoughts. Nowadays, most companies rely on these online reviews to make changes that facilitate business growth.


Predicting the future may be challenging, but talking about the top 5 digital marketing trends in 2020 is necessary. It is high time envisage the upcoming changes and how to adjust your marketing activities. The top 5 digital marketing trends 2020 help you stay ahead of the continually changing landscape of digital marketing.


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