Pandemic: NBS survey reveals Nigeria’s job market remains unstable

NBS covid-19 monitoring report

The National Bureau of Statistics has gathered in its COVID-19 Impact Monitoring that even after reactivation of the economy from restrictions and lockdowns caused by Coronavirus pandemic, employment in Nigeria remains oscillating. Although, it noted in the report which is now in its fourth round, that the share of people who are working has continued to creep back up to pre-crisis levels. “This trend demonstrates that the government’s loosening of the restrictions has enabled Nigerians to return to work,” the report said. It revealed that the share of respondents working…

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How pandemic renders 42% Nigerian working class jobless

Nigerian Bureau of Statistics, jobless, NBS, Job loss, Covid-19, Coronavirus, Pandemic, Lockdown, Economy

As Nigerians now live on ration No less than 42 per cent of working individuals in Nigerians became redundant few weeks into Coronavirus induced crisis for COVID-19 pandemic  related reasons, a new report has revealed. According to COVID-19 Impact Monitoring Survey Report for May 2020 just published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), the poorest households from the lowest consumption quintile reported the highest share of 45 per cent of the cases, but the rate was also high for the wealthiest households, at 39 per cent. According to the…

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