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Lagos Motor Show Charges Nigeria towards Emerging Automobile Aspirations



By taking stakeholders on a tour from the past to the present automobile experiences, Lagos Motor Show (LMS) has further whet Nigeria’s appetite to be part advanced technologies that will drive automobile experience in the future.

The maiden edition of the two-day show held at Tafawa Balewa Square (TBS) in Lagos over the weekend registered participation of leading players in the auto space who showcased emerging automobil possibilities such as artificial intelligence and electric cars.

This is as the show also created historical moment by displaying cars of the past to underscore Nigeria’s rich historical heritage.

One of the exhibitors at the show, Chairman/CEO Saglev, Sam Faleye spoke on the uniqueness of electric vehicles.

He said that there are electric vehicles that can go five to six hours after recharging, he also disclosed that most of the cars are also coming with artificial intelligence (AI).

The CEO disclosed that part of the advantages of electric vehicles is that they do not need massive engines.

According to him, plans are underway to assemble about eight models of such cars at Ikorodu even though the staff to man such car assembly are still undergoing training.

Saglev, while pointing out the near indispensability of Nigeria automobile industry, stated that the future of electric vehicles in Africa cannot be complete without passing through Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Chairman and Chief Promoter of the Lagos Motor Show, Engr. Gbenga Adebayo said the event was an exhibition of new innovation and developments in the auto Industry, from cars before Nigeria’s independence and after the independence.

He added that his passion for motoring as well as writing has snowballed into the Lagos Motor Show that has also exhibited Internet of Things (IoT) in automobiles, energy efficient cars, Electric Vehicles and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered low emission vehicles.

He said that the Show would be an annual event and that part of the proceeds from the event and activities would be donated to charitable causes.

Also speaking at the event, His Royal Highness (Barr) Mohammed Sanni Haliru Dantoro, Kitoro IV. (Mai Borgu), The Emir of Borgu Kingdom, stated that the Lagos Motor Show is part of history.

As he inspected, he commended organisers for their efforts in bringing many car models on display which predate 1960, describing this as a way of revitalizing Nigerian history.

He harped on the historical significance of the LMS as majority of the cars on display have not been seen by the younger generation.

He said: “Most of the cars we are seen here in this Lagos Motor Show are part of history because most people have not seen these cars before now. “A society without history is no society”.

Looking ahead, he also said the seeing new and future generations of smart cars on this play at the show is blessing indicating that Nigeria is ready to catch up with the rest of the world.

Some of the companies and exhibitors at the Show include Toyota by CFAO Toyota, L-Solutions (Toyota, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz, E-Mobility) Automobiles.

Other exhibitors includes Suzuki by CFAO Suzuki, Sano by CFAO SANO Trucks, LEXUS – Brass Motors (Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Toyota) Luxury Automobile, BRASS – Marine and Yatch Services Marine services, WORK AND PLAY -Motor Sports Motor Sports Adventure Sports, JETOR by Elizade JETOR, JAC by Elizade JETOR, Services Machinery Trucks (STM)- Volvo VOLVO Trucks, among others.

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