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5 Facebook marketing strategies for Small businesses to up sales



Facebook marketing strategies

By Alonge David

As an entrepreneur or business owner in the market, looking for every means to promote your business to ideal customers is one opportunity you always look forward to creating. Understanding how to use Facebook to get your product or service to the mind of your customers, sell your brand or build customers loyalty is a sure way for marketing your small business.

Facebook has the highest population in the world now, even more than China’s population, if it were to be a country. With over 2.8 billion monthly active users, projected to reach 3.1million in 2021, the giant social media site is claiming 19.7% share of the global digital advertising market with 20 minutes average time spent by a visitor. No doubt, Facebook is really too big for marketers to ignore. As a matter of fact, 42% of marketers claim that Facebook is critical and important to their business, omnivore reported.

This proves your business needs effective Facebook marketing strategies to get your product or service to the heart and pocket of your customers.

Below are 5 effective Facebook marketing strategies that can help in your business promotion and sales.

Developing Quality Content – Good content will not only help to place your brand at the core heart of your customers’ needs but also help to place your brand in the right position to persuade prospective customers into taking action. A good content should also be able to add value to the audience’s life. Giving much effort into developing quality content goes a long way in marketing your small business and building a lasting relationship with your customers. The content doesn’t necessarily need to be original – it can be curated or syndicated, but it must be that which always meets the audience interests or needs. Either you are posting graphical content, video or text, ensure the post is spiced up with high quality content that portray the good image of your small business among competitors.

Joining Relevant Community – one of the effective ways to market your small business on Facebook is to belong to relevant communities or groups. Facebook group is the section where interactions, discussion, marketing and promoting a course are taking place with other members, fans and friends around the world. It is a place where bonding and discussions are happening. According to Facebook for Business reports, there are over 10 million active groups on the platform while about 1.4 billions people are using Facebook groups in a month. What does that tell you? Facebook group is a goldmine for small business owners to utilize in building relationships, trust and converting more prospective customers into making sales. One important benefit of community is its high engagement metrics supported by Facebook algorithm in reaching more users inasmuch as the content keeps driving interactions from users – a cost effective trick in making your post reach more audience on the platform.

Personalizing Communication – Keeping your message too formal and rigid may lower your content engagement rate, thereby reaching less audience. It becomes necessary to improve your content experience through personalized interactions. In fact, 60% of Gen Zers (people given birth to in millennium) surveyed wish they could communicate with more businesses via messaging. Creating an opportunity for your customers to have an interaction with your brand can easily develop a convincing interest that can help to develop trust and drive sales. There are several ways to improve your customers experience with your brand and personalize your message to catch their interest such as sharing interesting story of your customer, create a poll, gamify your contents, invite them for a chat, ask question to get your audience interest and attention towards your brand or business.

Use Videos More – Aside that Facebook algorithm favours video more than other types of contents, statistics shows that 85% of users on the social media platform watches video. In short, video is by far the most popular and effective type of content when talking about Facebook marketing. Report shows that nearly 64% of people are likely to buy a product online after watching video – that on a high side for video marketing you may conclude. In other words, if you want to make more sales on Facebook, use more videos to market your products or services to the audience. Creativity will determine how the audience will engage with your video content. How will you be able to pass your message as well as gripping the interest of the audience within the 2 seconds attention span of the audience will determine the audience reciprocal. Creating live videos, behind-the-scenes, educational videos, how-to among others are the most effective videos that drive engagement and conversion.

Running Facebook Ads – With over 1.6 billion people worldwide that are connected to a small business on the platform, ads is one of the effective ways for your small business to target new customers and drive more sales. Facebook reported in the last quarter of 2019 that they had 6 million advertisers on their platform, showing a 24% increase from that of 2018. This shows that Facebook Advertising is a powerful tool for small businesses in not just driving sales but also an effective strategy in remaining competitive in the digital marketplace. Either you are running a B2B or B2C business, getting a Facebook ad campaign correctly can help boost your business in reaching more people, driving more traffic, building trust and converting more to sales.

In summary, utilizing the potentials of Facebook marketing strategy can help your small business in developing a reputable brand image, reaching more customers, building customer loyalty, contending with industry leaders, cutting huge marketing costs and making more sales.

Alonge David is a digital marketing expert and CEO, Harlong DigiTech

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