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Wipo Proof launches new API for businesses



Wipo proof

Wipo Proof launches new API for businesses


Wipo Proof’s Application Programming Interface (API) is now available for any entity to integrate the service directly within their own applications.

Wipo Proof is an online service that rapidly produces tamper-proof evidence which you can use to prove that your digital file existed at a specific point in time.

The API became available this February. Of course, in today’s hyper-connected world, economic activity is more digital and global, creating risks and vulnerabilities that didn’t exist before.

Businesses and organizations must take greater and more varied precautions to safeguard their creative works, software, trade secrets, industrial designs and other intangible assets.

To support these business needs, Wipo Proof is pleased to announce the availability of its new APIs feature. The Wipo Proof APIs allow companies and organizations to securely access the Wipo Proof service directly from their own applications and to generate a high volume of tokens rapidly.

Wipo Proof’s APIs are essential for customers who produce a high volume of valuable intellectual assets that need to be safeguarded from the moment of creation or soon thereafter, creating evidence of the existence and possession of your file at a specific date and time.

WIPO PROOF customers who use the API integration tool will save time and money, and enjoy its key benefits.

Use the APIs to:

  • Synchronize the generation of a Wipo Proof token with the exact date a file is created, closing the gap between the date of creation and the date the token was generated for a file – this is particularly useful in the Copyright space where proving authorship can be important;
  • Create tokens for more digital files with one request, allowing the generation of hundreds to thousands of tokens per second;
  • Significantly reduce the per token costs by subscribing to larger bundles that are designed to be used with the APIs;

Better manage budgets by centralizing cost control.


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