Online platform,, berths to benefit 20m users in 5years


L-R: Co-Founders of, Mrs Yomi and Mr. Bisi Adewale; Managing Director/CEO, CityFM, Mrs Adedoja Allen and Publisher of City People Magazine, Mr. Seyi Kehinde, at the official launch of in Lagos today.


In the face of many challenges bedeviling Nigerian society and others around the world, a new online platform,, has been launched to proffer solution to many of the problems in a dynamic way.

The platform is being promoted by a couple as co-founders; both clergies, Mr. Bisi Adewale and Mrs. Yomi Adewale who have equally have up to 107 books to their names.

According Mr. Adewale, the new initiative has been targeted at attracting over 20 million members in the next five years starting with two million this year.

He explained that the thoughts of solving many of the challenges confronting the country were the propelling force behind creating website and its applications.

“The platform will help in wealth creation and eliminate unemployment as the platform will provide employment opportunities.

“It will also empower young people and families. It will keep the youth busy and reduce crime rates. It will help parents in raising better children for society.

“The new platform will also give room for young Nigerians to interact and showcase their skills, products and services free of charge. It will also be an avenue for unemployed graduates to be linked with employers of labour as they upload their CVs on the platform.

“With the mission of helping the young ones, reducing the crime rate and building families in mind, with the vision of seeing all youth in Nigeria living responsible lives, gainfully employed, building a very strong nation, join me as history is made today as a present to you:,” Adewale said while unveiling the platform at a press conference today..

He noted the whole world has been in turmoil in the last year due to health challenges and deaths that came with the problem of COVID-19, adding that the Nigerian case is worse beyond the pandemic.

“We battled so many things at the same time from high crime rate to poverty, unemployment, divorce, wife battering, abandonment, violence in marriage, depression, kidnapping, banditry, child sexual abuse, suicides, violence against women. Just to mention a few.

“Seeing the present state of the nation, we need to pay attention to our young people, and help them grow to full potential and responsible adults who can join in nation-building,” he said.

Nigeria has one of the largest numbers of young people in the world. We can’t sit down without helping these young ones to become better personalities, according to him.

While he assured that a mobile app for the platform, both in android and iOS versions, will launch in the coming month, he said leveraging on science and technology to solve society problems would yield more impacts.

He said: “Since the problems of our nation are multi-facet. The solutions to the present state of our nation must also be multidimensional. That is why we can’t leave it for the government alone to do. All hands must be on deck to protect the ship from wrecking.

“We discovered that one of the best ways to solve the problem of our nation is using the power of science and technology. That is why we are here today to see the birth of a platform that will bring a solution to many of our nation’s problems.

“Today, we are here to launch a platform that will help young people learn new things and do great things. This platform will take them out of the street and make them use technology for positive things. That is why we are launching today.”

History is unfolding before our eyes. New things are about to happen in our dear nation. This new online platform will be of great help to both young and old, female or male, no matter the tongue or creed.