NCC vows to end circulation, importation of substandard mobile devices

substandard mobile devices

NCC vows to end circulation, importation of substandard mobile devices



The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) is sustaining campaign to sensitize the public on circulation of substandard mobile devices as well as its health and environmental consequences.

Aside from discourage usage of phones that are not type-approved in the country, the Commission is also staging a regulatory campaign to halt importation of such devices.

The NCC has in response to this displayed the approved type of mobile devices on its website for Nigerians to cross check before purchasing any device.

The Director of Technical and Network Integrity, Engr. Bako Wakil who disclosed this said that the type approval process of the NCC for mobile device was instituted by the Commission to prevent the proliferation of substandard mobile device in the country.

Wakil stressed that the proliferation of substandard mobile devices are not allowed into the Nigerian telecoms industry; explaining that if mobile devices are not properly regulated in the industry, it will bring some challenges to the users.

He also stated that substandard mobile devices have the potential of causing harm to the user because of the radiation that it emits.

Besides, he said such devices have the potential to introduce noise into the telecoms network.

He traced the poor network quality services experienced by subscribers to the use of substandard mobile telephone handset urging Nigerians to always look up the list of type approved mobile telephone handsets in the country.

He noted that any device that is going to be connected to the national network has been approved by the NCC according to the required standard.

He blamed the country’s porous borders for the in flock of substandard mobile devices in the country saying that since they are cheaper, people go for them without noticing the danger in using them.