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METRICS: Hilda Baci’s Record-Breaking Cooking Gains 4.8 Billion Media Reach



The moment Sanwo-Olu, Governor of Lagos State, came around to encourage Hilda Baci

Activities around Hilda Baci’s still-fresh Cook-a-thon that saw her breaking Guinness record as world’s longest cooking champion have enjoyed audience reach estimated at over 4.8 billion.

This is according to an audit by leading Media Intelligence Consultancy, P+ Measurement Services which conducted a media performance audit on the media exposure that earned 27-year-old Baci Guinness record.

The audit critically examined and revealed the media sentiment, media reach, media share by countries, and sponsorships of Hilda Baci ’s Cook-a-thon.

According to the report, the audience reach of 4,812,704,500 was recorded, adding that this is a testament to the popularity and success of the Cook-a-thon media engagement.

Meanwhile, all media report and sharing about the event was not entirely positive as according P+ Measurement Services, 85% of media conversations gained by Baci was positive, while 15% was negative, albeit, insignificant.

Hilda Baci ‘s Cook-a-thon was analyzed using data harvested from traditional and digital media.

Further cursory look at the media audit shows that the traditional media gained 13% and the digital media gained 87% based on the media type analyzed on the subject.

The high percentage of online media mentions also suggests that digital media played a significant role in driving awareness and engagement about the Hilda Baci Cook-a-thon event.

The analysis of media share by country highlights the top five countries with the highest earned media coverage of Hilda Baci.

Sixty-Seven (67%) of the media coverage emanates from Nigeria, followed by the USA with 15%. The United Kingdom with 4%, Ghana with 3%, and Canada with 1%. The remaining countries had a relatively lower media share, indicating varying degrees of interest and coverage.

The Amore Gardens, the top sponsor, received 18% of the media attention, followed by Uber with 14%, BaigeWallet in third with 13%, and Arla and Woodscope in lower positions with 10% and 9%, respectively. Noting that media prominence doesn’t necessarily equate to the level of financial or logistical support provided by each sponsor.

This reflects the volume of media exposure and visibility they received during the event period.


METRICS: Hilda Baci’s Record-Breaking Cooking Gains 4.8 Billion Media Reach

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