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How To Make Big MONEY From Forex Trading



Naira Down to N1,410/$ in Parallel Market

Many Nigerians have lost money while trading Forex because they either do not have a good knowledge of the intrigues of Forex market or they subscribed to incompetent brokers.

But here is the good news: a highly accurate robot is now in town to help Forex traders return profit on nearly all their trades. This magic bot is called the Genius Bot which was developed by an international Fintech company, Intelligence Prime Capital Limited (IPC). The company now uses the bot to trade for its customers who invest with it.

The Genius Bot trades with between 97% and 100% accuracy. This enables it to have gains on all deals. Only a very few trade deals are lost. With the Artificial Intelligence IPC provides, investors are sure of averaging 7.5% to 12% return on investment (ROI) weekly, Monday to Friday, averaging guaranteed profits of up 40% to 45% of invested capital returns monthly.

Thousands of Nigerians are already on the IPC platform trading forex and making gains five days a week on all trades. Many of them are reporting one straight month of trading without a single loss!

You too can benefit from this magic Forex robot if you sign up with IPC today. Sign up here.

IPC is not a Ponzi scheme. They do real time trading with your investment capital and return gain to you every day in 3 trades daily. When you subscribe to IPC, you would be charged $100 for the Genius Bot. The company also charges 20% commission on every withdrawal customers make. These are how the company makes its own money and does not touch customers’ investments.

Intelligence Prime Capital is Legally incorporated in Canada Business Corporations Act Reg No: 1307196-1. It is also regulated by USA Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and MSB USA. (All can be verified). IPC was awarded Best New Broker of the year 2021/2022 by Forex Expo Africa EXPOSHOW International.

Intelligence prime Capital is your sure means to trade without losing money. You can’t afford to let this huge opportunity pass you by. Click here to sign up now.

Install Metatrader4 (MT4) from the IOS app store or Google Playstore. Fund your MT4 account and watch IPC Genius Bot do the selection and trade while you watch it happen live on your MT4.

Let your money work for you and open up multiple streams of income for you while you face your daily job or business. Just click here.

Join an existing community of traders on the IPC platform on WhatsApp for further guide and updates. Click here to join the WhatsApp group.

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